Spirit Talk February 2017

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This months Spirit Talk focuses on the Odu of the Yoruba Diloggun. Also known as the "Caracoles" or Shells, this is a form of divination done with cowrie shells only by initiated priests or priestesses of the Santeria/Lukumi religion. 

The Odu of the Diloggun have stories or sayings with advice that pertains to the reason the customer came for the reading.

There are many Odu or combinations that can come up; each containing very specific information, advice & recommendations. 

This month, we will discuss the Odu Oche Irosun and how it applies to our lives.

One of the sayings of Oche Irosun is "If the rain does not fall, corn does not grow"

Ok, so now you think....what does this have to do with me? 

Let's break this down into two areas of manifestation-The Physical World & Spiritual World.

Physically, if you LITERALLY do not water the corn seeds, the plant will not grow, it will shrivel up and die. It did not get something it needed to survive & grow. If you water too little or too much, the plant will not grow as well as it can or will fail still.  

Now take that physical effect.....and apply it to your life. If you do nothing to improve, fix or work on your own life, whether it's spiritual, finding a job that makes you happy etc. 

What Happens?.....Nothing....The same way Corn cannot grow without the right conditions is the same way we have to approach our own lives. 

You cannot expect results if you put no work in, you cannot magically expect success when no effort has been made. 

However, at the same time, you must also find balance, too much of one thing will also not bring the results you are looking for as well. 

As a spiritualist, how can you expect growth & light if you do not consistently work on yourself? 

Another way to interpret this Odu is this: What we think is a curse or negative situation, may give birth to blessings later on. Sometimes going through a hard situation gives us the necessary energy to make us grow into something better. 

If you liked this blog, schedule a full Diloggun consultation with Iya Elemi. Call us at 973-623-1453 to schedule. 

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