Spirit Talk June 2017

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3 of Pentacles

Candle(s): Double Action Money Candle Black & Green
Spiritual Colors: Black & Green
Herb/Incense:Hyssop, Rue & Patchouli-mixed, dried
This month's Mini Reading revolves around work & business. 

The card speaking is the 3 of Pentacles, in reverse. The 3 of Pentacles generally represents what a person is good at, their trade, business or profession. It also represents a person who has worked hard to receive a reward or blessing or is doing so now in order to gain what they desire in their work life. 

However, when the 3 of Pentacles is reversed, it advises us to not slack off! Making halfhearted attempts is not the way to go this month, especially if you are trying to get a raise, promotion, trying to open a new business or expand on an existing one. 

  • Do not get lazy or allow yourself to be slowed down in any way. Continue your hard work, the results will pay off!
  • Do not discouraged by negative people in the environment of your job. You may encounter some pettiness, drama etc. Be polite but firm.
  • Make sure you cross your T's & dot your I's at work this month, follow procedures etc.



Burn the Double Action Money Candle

to remove any obstacles in your way this month.

View this Candle: Double Action Money Candle




Get a mix of the following dried herbs: Hyssop, Rue & Patchouli. Sprinkle some into your candle, boil and make a bath/sprinkle for yourself, home or business. Burn on charcoal for strong jinx removing & money drawing. 

Wear green with a little bit of black to draw what you want, repel what you don't. Could be a bracelet, a hair clip, a pretty skirt or nice tie.

As always, Love, Light & Progress!


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