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Sacred Scents and Aromatherapy in Spiritual Work

Sacred Scents and Aromatherapy in Spiritual Work

Spiritual "work" is not limited to just candles and baths. The wearing and burning of scented oils and incense has been around for thousands of years.

Here are some ideas for spiritual work involving scents and incense.

To cleanse the energy in an environment or around yourself, burn Palo Santo in any form you desire. When lighting the Palo Santo, try to ring some type of bell as much as possible. Sound and energy create spiritual movement.


 Having migraines or headaches?
Eucalyptus Oil can be massaged on the temples or forehead. You can also burn Eucalyptus incense or put Eucalyptus leaves in your favorite oil burner. Just add a couple pieces to your burning oil. Eucalyptus is great for clearing evil vibrations from all sources. 


If you're feeling slow or stagnant mentally, emotionally, creatively etc; make a simmer pot with the following: Cinnamon Stick, Cloves, Ginger, Nutmeg, Orange Peel, Lemon Peel and Star Anise. Add the herbs to a pot of cold water. Put the pot to boil. Once it reaches a boil, turn all the way down to low heat to enjoy the lingering scent. 

This is also an amazing bath too :)

For very strong clearing work, light your favorite resin and let the room get as smoke filled as you are able to take. Then, open a door or window and start fanning the smoke right away. Pray and give affirmations about what you need for yourself to evolve, grow and to clear your path. Ask and pray, that as the smokes clears, so does your life and path from all negativity, vibrations, evil intentions etc.


Our Jinx Breaker Incense and Copal Resin is a very popular combination with our customers.

Wear an scented oil based on your need for that day; Use Concentration Oil on the day of an important exam or project for extra mental strength and clarity. Wear High John Oil during any type of negotiations to be successful in your endeavors.

Travel or Drive a lot?

Wear Protection Oil or Anoint your car steering wheel with Protection Oil. You can also anoint something you always carry with you such as your keys with Protection, Dragon's Blood, Jinx Removing or similar oils.


Find an oil or spiritual scent you like, make it into a spray that you carry with you. Any time you are feeling what we call "blah", spray yourself with your special spray. Works great for business environments where there are many employees around and the energy is hectic.

As always, Love, Peace and Light!