Spiritual Baths and Washes

Mar 30 2018 2 Comments

Baths and Washes remain one of the most popular methods of spiritual work because of how effective and versatile they are. 

Spiritual Baths are great to use to maintain ourselves spiritually and energetically. They can be made in advance to use weekly or on the spot as needed. 

When making spiritual baths or washes, think about what the purpose is for your spiritual wash and choose items that will best work with that goal.

Spiritual Baths can be made from many things such as Herbs, Colognes, Perfumes or naturally sourced waters such as Rivers, oceans, lakes etc. 

Herbal Baths are very popular; there are so many herbs for many different purposes such as jinx breaking, healing, removing the "evil eye", love, money drawing etc.

Herbs can be used either fresh or dried. They are boiled like a tea, then the herbs strained from the liquid. You can bathe in this liquid as it is or you can use it as a base for your spiritual bath. 

If someone does not have time to make herbal baths, pre-made baths, colognes and similar spiritual liquids can be mixed and match for your intended purpose. This method is good for busy people who want the benefit of a spiritual bath but may not have the time to make an herbal bath from scratch.

These same liquids can be bathed in or used to mop the floors of your home or business. We can keep both our own personal vibrations clear and positive as as well as that of our surrounding environments.

Try out some of our custom recipes below we've put together for you. Feel free to be creative and add your own touches. 

Holy Blessing Bath (also great for Peace & Tranquility):

  • Cascarilla- 1 Piece
  • Holy Water 

Spiritual Cleansing Bath

  • Bay Rum
  • Florida Water
  • Bluing Liquid-9 drops
  • White Salt-a pinch

Lucky Money™ Bath

  • Cinnamon Powder
  • Success Cologne
  • Magnet Bath Liquid
  • Abundance Bath Liquid
  • Orange Cologne
  • Tobacco Cologne
  • Money Bath

Love/Attraction Bath

  • Violet Bath
  • Rose Cologne
  • Spikenard Cologne
  • Honey of Love Bath
  • Honey-5 spoonfuls

Evil Removing Bath-Strong

  • Evil Eye Bath
  • Espanta Muerte Bath
  • Quita Maldicion Bath
  • Reverse Bath
  • White Salt-pinch
  • Sulphur Powder-Pinch

As always, Love, Light and Progress!




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