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Spiritual Tool Kits & Packages for the person on the go. These mini spell kits are great for when you want to do some work but may not have the time or space for something bigger.

They also make great gifts for friends & family!

Love, Money, Protection, Good Luck, Unblocking, Jinx Removing & much more. 


Bats Blood Writing Kit

This kit includes ink and parchment paper for writing in many spells.

$ 17.95
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Cunninghams Encyclopedia with Herb Samples

Cunningham's Encyclopedia of Herbs is one the most well known books on herbal magic. This unique package you will only find here at Yeyeo Botanica.  We offer two packages, Regular...

From $ 29.95
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Dove's Blood Writing Kit

For use in all spells or works where you need to write out your request, most commonly known for love spells and court cases. This kit inlcudes parchment paper, ink...

$ 16.95

Dragon's Blood Writing Kit

A popular kit, great for writing out spells & prayers for protection & good fortune. Kit includes: 1 bottle of Dragon's Blood Ink 1 Feather Quill Parchment Paper Sheets  ...

$ 17.95

Incense Starter Kit

Our Incense Starter Kit is a great way to cleanse & bless your home or business. Makes a nice gift for friends & family.  Kit includes 3 items: Standard Aluminum...

$ 14.95

Jinx Breaker Kit

A unique kit that includes some of our signature line products that you will not find anywhere else. This kit includes two candles, Our Dragon's Blood Soap, Jinx Breaker Salts...

$ 8.95

LS Crystals Kit

Boxed set, comes wth 14 crystals and reference book. Great for beginners.

$ 34.95
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Mini Spell Kit

Great to use for a pick me up or get something started, these mini spell kits all includes a special bath salt, candle with holder & prayer.

$ 9.95

Money Drawing Writing Kit

A popular kit, great for writing out spells & prayers for prosperity, money drawing & good fortune. Kit includes: 1 bottle of Money Drawing Ink 1 Feather Quill Parchment Paper...

$ 17.95

Spiritual Essentials Kit

As seen in our blog, Yeyeo's Spiritual Essentials Kit is a wonderful, easy to use collection of items.  Each kit comes with 5 spiritual tools that can be mixed and...

$ 13.95

Unblocking Kit

Our Unblocking Kit is a combination of products that harnesses the energy of Spring to further your intentions & goals from New Years.  It helps to unlock/open opportunity & prosperity in...

From $ 29.95


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