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Court Case & Legal Work

Court Case & Legal Work

Life throws us situations that we must deal with whether we want to or not. Sometimes this comes in the form of an unpleasant legal situation or dispute. 

There are many ways to do spiritual work for court cases & all types of legal disputes depending on the type of conflict/situation it is. 

Two of the most well known plants for Court Cases are High John Root & Galangal (Little John) Root. These can be made into Mojo Bags(also known as spirit bags, conjure bags, gris gris or hoodoo bags).

Ideally, these two roots should be carried together on you every time you go to court until the case is settled.

Mojo Bags include many different items and are custom made for each individual person. We can make them for your specific case.

Other court case plants are Marigold, Deers Tongue, Cascara Sagrada, Cedar, Tobacco, Calamus & Brown Mustard Seed which we carry. These plants can be added to your mojo bag, brewed as a spiritual bath or added to your court case candle.

The appropriate candles to use for Court Cases are: Court Case Candles, High John, Uncrossing or Unlocking. If you prefer candles without writing, then use the traditional colors of blue & brown. 

Use oils such as Court Case, Justice, Tobacco, King Solomon, Uncrossing, Unlock, Cut & Clear, High John.

Iya Elemi makes a Lucky High John Oil with genuine High John Root & other spiritual ingredients for success & overcoming obstacles.

Ochosi is the Orisha of Divine Justice. A powerful Orisha, you must be in the right to use his candle effectively; however even if a person is wrong, if they are humble and ask for lenience, Ochosi may grant a sentence or outcome that is less harsh or severe. Remember that Orisha know if we are sincere in our words & work, only work with Ochosi if you truly are.

*Star Anise, is sacred to the Orisha Ochosi & can also be added to spiritual work for court cases, make a bath or carry with you for luck in your case.*

Our Handmade Coconut soap is excellent for all types of disputes, it helps to open the roads of success in your favor as well as burning incense such as our Road Opener alongside the candle.

Court Case Candle Work

*This work should be done ideally 7-9 days before the court date for the best results.*

2 of the following candles in whatever combination you decide: Court Case, High John, Plain Blue Or Brown-7 Day

Court Case Herbs of your choice

Court Case Oil of your choice

A copy of your court paperwork as well as a small written note of what you are asking spirit to grant.

Road Opener Incense


First, set up your work as follows in the picture below:

Anoint the candles with the oils you have chosen, then sprinkle a small amount of the herbs into each candle. 

If you decide to get or make a mojo bag, leave on top of the paperwork until the candles are finished. Then you carry this mojo bag with you every time you go to court until the case is settled. 

The remainder of the herbs are to be boiled for a spiritual bath once the candle is finished. You take this bath the night before you go to court. 

Light the candles, praying or speaking your intentions or goals strongly & confidently.

Light the Road Opener Incense to help your prayers reach your helpful spirits.

Consistency is key! Every day, state your affirmations or prayers.

This work can be repeated until the case is settled, we can also put together custom items for your specific case. Stop by anytime or call us to schedule a consultation.